The Future is Now (Cook the Book Fridays - My Paris Kitchen: Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear Quiche).

"Do your duty and a little more and the future will take cares of itself." - Andrew Carnegie
It only takes a quick Google search on the interwebs to come up with a multitude of issues surrounding food and well-being.

Food insecurity. Poor nutrition. Food-Related Health Issues.

Each of these items are real challenges to be dealt with and this week, Cook the Book Fridays is paying homage to Food Revolution Day. I've come out of school hibernation to join in.


April? April! April? (Cook the Book Fridays: Artichoke Tapenade & Fried Ham Sandwich)

“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss

The older I get, the faster time seems to fly. I know there are some well-developed theories on why life feels this way, but still.

Runner Girl graduates from college in a few short weeks. I am pretty sure she just started college last fall. The denial level in my brain is pretty high.

I am not old enough to have a college graduate as a child. 



Color me... (Tuesdays with Dorie Baking Chez Moi: "Green Tea Financiers" & Odile's Fresh Orange Cake)

Green is my favorite color.

I am not sure what that says about me.

A quick Google search of "what does it mean if green is your favorite color" tells me that green-lovers are practical & down to earth with a love of nature. (I've been accused of that).

They are also stable, well-balanced and good to have around in a crisis. (Also stand accused).

Greens are generally frank. (Guilty) ...


Don't get mad (Cook the Book Fridays: Belgian Beef Stew w/ Beer & Honey-Spice Bread)

"You can't get mad at weather because weather's not about you. Apply that lesson to most other aspects of life." - Douglas Coupland
This bizarre Upstate NY winter has not set the perfect stage for typical winter fare. We've had ten inches of snow so far this winter - the average for this time of year is 40" +. Although I have enjoyed the milder temperature, it has certainly thrown my cooking repertoire for a loop. What does one make when it's 60F in January? Or raining and 50F in February?


Transformation (Cook the Book Fridays: Dukkah-Roasted Cauliflower)

“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” - Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis    

Let's clear this up first thing - I am not about to compare roasted cauliflower to cockroaches; however, I realize that few people would be surprised if I somehow tried to make the connection.

Instead, my theme for today is transformation - a metamorphosis, one might say.

One of the things that I appreciate about the cooking and baking process is the way that little steps can have a large impact on the final result.

I think it was the discovery of browned butter that brought this concept to life for me.

The first time I put that browned butter in a batch of brownies, I was totally hooked. If you haven't tried browned butter in brownies, you are missing out. Truly.